Saturday, April 28, 2012


i get this craft catalog, oh heck, i get lots of them, and love browsing through for ideas.  i've always wished i had been an engineer or somebody who designs.  although i can make my own take on other peoples ideas, sometimes i come up with a brainstorm of an idea...well, today IS NOT THAT DAY!  haha, gotcha there!  but i've been wanting to make more room in my 'playroom', not because i want to buy more stuff, but because i'm frustrated at not seeing what i have and 'it' being forgotten and not used.  (out of sight, out of mind)  i'm amazed at what i've accumulated throughout the years since i started crafting.  i come across stuff i just had to have, but have no idea what for!  that happen to you?  RIBBON!  i have ribbon coming out of my ears.  in this box, in that box, on a shelf, in drawers,  here, there and everywhere.  i think i have an obsession with ribbon!
back to that catalog....i see these ribbon rings and for $9.99 i can get 1 metal ring and 15 tags to hold them.  for a better deal, you get 3 jumbo ribbon ring sets for $26.89
ok, i already have a fortune in what i own now, i don't need to mortgage my house to pay to store all this....stuff!  i would show you a picture of what they're selling, but i don't want to get in trouble with 'enfringement rights' and all that 'legal' stuff. but you'll get the idea when you see the pics of what i made.

this is where i was storing my ribbon.

using GEORGE cartridge and my years of storing cardboard box liners and the cardboard 12"x12" that comes in STAMPIN UP's pattern papers kits...(don't throw them out for heaven sakes) this is what i used to make these.

are you starting to get the idea?  i need a whole lot more than just these few, also i altered them and made more to the various sized ribbon i have.  i still need to make one for the skinny little fellers.  but sharing this, i hope i've inspired you to make your own. if you have a closet in your room or like this $1 over the door  hanger i found at a garage sale, try this.  if you don't have GEORGE, there are other carts with squares, rectangles and circles you can use to make these.  check what you have.  makes me wish i had another door to hang, that ain't gonna happen!

i'm pleased to 'free up' some desperately needed space and use an area that i call, 'wasted space'. 
...and i'm not finished yet!

this is gonna work for me!  i hope you give it a try.  easy peasey, nice and easy!



Jill Angel said...

So very awesome!

Connie Layman said...

LOVE it! And it will be my next project unless you just want to come to my house! LOL!

grammiej said...

what a great idea! My ribbons are a mess, I think I will try your idea.
Thanks for sharing this.


Crafty Teacher said...

Great idea Kat! I love color and so it looks great all hanging together like that too, and neat!

Kris said...

oh mylanta! I love it.. I sure need to make one of these or a few... keep up with these cute ideas!!!!

cema1cema said...

Wow Kat this is fantastic!! Christina

Suzys Crafts said...

What a fabulous fun idea send me all that RIBBON!!! LOL

Madge said...

Kat what an amazing idea:) Thanks for coming over and visiting me, becoming a follower. I am now a follower of yours as well. Way cute blog:)
{love love}
Scrappin' Madge

Madge said...
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Carol said...

Great idea!!!!!

Connie said...

So clever Kat!!!

Paula Strachota said...

Bless your idea -- I just get excited when a scrapper uses one of their tools to make something that also organizes or helps in other ways!! great job!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Love your idea! Thank you for sharing it.
Carol O