Sunday, May 27, 2012


the first 3 images are on my gypsy so you can see how i get two purses at a time and the measurements i used
i used the 'shift lock' to get the 'hole' feature.  i don't care for the slotted holes at all! 
but that 'is' optional.

the next 2 images are the scoring.  it is important to match up the scores with the folds so the purse will 'square up'.

tags bags boxes and more does not have a layering feature.  it's in my 2nd nature to layer, layer, layer, so this is how 'I' do it.  after you've chosen your papers for the flap and front, flip both....(important) upside down so they will match.  the 3 scallops on the flap are not equal, so if you don't flip both, the purse 'and' the paper, it WILL NOT MATCH UP! trace your flap up to the fold, then trim 1/8" off all sides. doing  the same for the front of the purse (and make sure its the front....and not back...(like i've done). i use different papers just cause i like the looks.

glue them on now before you assemble. also, i cut a strip for the top to reinforce our little gal.  and it also makes it look a little classy 'i think'.

glue on and around the holes.  flip this over and with a hole punch relatively close to the size of the holes, line up the holes and punch through.

now lets begin putting it together.  i use scor tape. it's the best for holding things like this that will get 'used'. i forgot to take a picture.  there are only 2 flaps on each side.  when adhering....a 3rd hand would be nice, however that isn't an option for me. i stick the long edges first and don't even take off the protective layer of tape from the short edges..(not just yet).  just stick the long edges  it's important to line up before adhering. once it's stuck, it's 'STUCK'. once you get them together, reach in the bottom, and gently grab that protective tape layer and pull it off, line up so it's straight and stick it.  i use something long to get inside the purse to push the flap down tighter. 

see that little 'extra' at the top?  depending on how you score.  you'll probably get that.  i do!  quite often!  i don't like it, so i trim it off.  that way, the top fits down flat and it looks much neater.  careful, don't trim too much!

flip the purse sideways and punch two small 1/16" holes for the tag.

holding your flap down, mark a little spot where you'll put a small hole for a brad.  this is how i close my purses.  i've tried magnets...phishh, wasted my money! i've tried velcro...yikes, (you have to open/close these alot, you'll rip), so this is the best way 'I'VE' found, that works for me.  i choose a flower that i can put a brad into the center.  then go through the front and into, the purse. i'll let you figure out how to open them little buggers from the'll get it!  once you got your 'whatever' on the front, tuck your flap under and there ya go!  add your tag, your ribbon and you got a purse!  

do, be careful when poking that hole in.  i support the inside with my hand.  you 'can' do this before you glue it together.  as long as you fold it over and know where the bottom of your purse flap is. 

that's it.  i hope i didn't confuse know where to find me if you have questions. 

please leave me a comment.  thanks!



Angie said...

Hi Kat, It has been a while since I popped in to say hi. I love this purse, it is very pretty!. Hope all is going well..

cema1cema said...

Thanks Kat!! This will come in handy! Christina

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Great tutorial Kat... i will have to come back and try to make one of these. it is very pretty.. Sandy

HeatherLynn said...

thank you for the tutorial!! love your pretty purse! that flower is gorgeous! :) thanks for stopping by my blog! i am planning on doing another owl themed hop soon so let me know if you'd like to be a stop!


Scrappin with the bug said...

OH my goodness that is adorable. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

Dee said...

Hi Kat, love the purse it's simply stunning hugs Dee

Sandy Ang said...

thanks for the tutorial. it looks so cool !