Saturday, April 28, 2012


i get this craft catalog, oh heck, i get lots of them, and love browsing through for ideas.  i've always wished i had been an engineer or somebody who designs.  although i can make my own take on other peoples ideas, sometimes i come up with a brainstorm of an idea...well, today IS NOT THAT DAY!  haha, gotcha there!  but i've been wanting to make more room in my 'playroom', not because i want to buy more stuff, but because i'm frustrated at not seeing what i have and 'it' being forgotten and not used.  (out of sight, out of mind)  i'm amazed at what i've accumulated throughout the years since i started crafting.  i come across stuff i just had to have, but have no idea what for!  that happen to you?  RIBBON!  i have ribbon coming out of my ears.  in this box, in that box, on a shelf, in drawers,  here, there and everywhere.  i think i have an obsession with ribbon!
back to that catalog....i see these ribbon rings and for $9.99 i can get 1 metal ring and 15 tags to hold them.  for a better deal, you get 3 jumbo ribbon ring sets for $26.89
ok, i already have a fortune in what i own now, i don't need to mortgage my house to pay to store all this....stuff!  i would show you a picture of what they're selling, but i don't want to get in trouble with 'enfringement rights' and all that 'legal' stuff. but you'll get the idea when you see the pics of what i made.

this is where i was storing my ribbon.

using GEORGE cartridge and my years of storing cardboard box liners and the cardboard 12"x12" that comes in STAMPIN UP's pattern papers kits...(don't throw them out for heaven sakes) this is what i used to make these.

are you starting to get the idea?  i need a whole lot more than just these few, also i altered them and made more to the various sized ribbon i have.  i still need to make one for the skinny little fellers.  but sharing this, i hope i've inspired you to make your own. if you have a closet in your room or like this $1 over the door  hanger i found at a garage sale, try this.  if you don't have GEORGE, there are other carts with squares, rectangles and circles you can use to make these.  check what you have.  makes me wish i had another door to hang, that ain't gonna happen!

i'm pleased to 'free up' some desperately needed space and use an area that i call, 'wasted space'. 
...and i'm not finished yet!

this is gonna work for me!  i hope you give it a try.  easy peasey, nice and easy!


Thursday, April 26, 2012


this is my entry for the circle circle dot dot sketch contest.  winner gets to take home this wonderful tape runner:

my entry:  this is a group photo of our first formal night on the CRICUT CRUISE.
everyone is so handsome/pretty.  i'd say we all cleaned up pretty nice.

i hope you enjoyed my layout.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


well this is my first post with the blogger change.  lets see it if this turns out the way i like or if i'll have to delete the whole thing....geeze, i don't like changes.  'bout the time i learn and get used to something new, a change comes along and throws a wrench in and i  have to start all over. 

i don't have a mother.  i've had a step mother all my life and she was all i ever knew.  we didn't have the best relationship in the world, but not because 'she' didn't try.  'I' was the one who made problems, but...that is a whole different story.  i still am compelled to make mothers day cards every year.  i try to make them to make me happy.  'and they do'.  i love seeing the emphasis on 'MOTHERS DAY' and how much people will go out of their way to make something special for their mother.  my children love me and i have no doubts about that!  i love the gifts, phone calls, visits bestowed upon me on this special day....but i still have that nagging feeling i've missed out somewhere.  that's something that can't change at this point in my life.   (sigh)

onto what i'm here for and what this blog is about.  my crafting, making cards, layouts and stuff!  this is my mothers day card, (one of them) this year.
i am a CTMH consultant.  i can help you if you're interested in any of these products.

i used: CLOSE TO MY HEART~Pemberley paper kit
CLOSE TO MY HEART~Art Philosophy cartridge
CRICUT~Mothers Day cartridge and Beyond Birthdays
CUTTLEBUG~Embossing Folder  (i wrote the name down, but the marker wore off)
KAT SCHRIBER~Hand Crocheted flower

i hope this goes to a wonderful 'MOTHER' and she gets as much enjoyment from this card as i did in making it. 

thanks for stopping by!  hope you can leave me a comment, i love hearing from ya'll.




Thursday, April 19, 2012


i've been asked to be a 'featured designer' for this friday.  i'm extremely  honored!
go check out her blog for terrific crafting ideas.  you won't be sorry!

today, i've decorated a photo album i've had laying around for a long time.  i can't even tell you who made this or where it came from.  it has lots of room to journel, add pictures and pockets for memorabalia.  a perfect gift for a bride to be, mother to be or 'just for me'.  i think i'll keep this for myself.
i recently had the opportunity to join the CLOSE TO MY HEART family.  the products i've used on my album are exclusively 'ctmh'.  if you're interested in purchasing any of these items my link is at the  top of my blog.


note the sentiments on the edge of this sheet.  i'll show you how i used them.

the album!

the modgepodge is simple to use.  just brush on with a paintbrush, coating evenly, i use a sponge brush and then brush another coat onto the back of the paper i'm using for the cover.  i just cut the paper about 1/4" larger than the area needed and trim the excess after it's dried, about an hr later.

i guess i got a little ahead of myself and added a few of the 'COMPLIMENTS CANVAS SHEETS' before taking the picture..i also used my 'poinsettia vine, punch around the page' punch to add the floral border.  i love flowers, and lots of them, but for albums, i'm afraid, i don't care too much for the bulk and thickness they have.  that makes this canvas self adhesive embellishments perfect for what i'm looking for.  i really like the 'simplicity' and 'flatness' this look gives me.  oh, and the photos don't do justice for the colors.
i decorated the pockets inside as well, using all the co-ordinating papers that come with this packet. i adhered these,using my ATG gun.

there you see the little sentiments on the upper right i cut from the edge of the page. 
'can't waste any of that pretty paper'

i had to show you there really 'are' pockets in there.

you can see how thick the album is.  it's really a lovely size to sit on the coffe table for everyone to enjoy.  i can't wait to start putting pictures in it.  i know there were alot of pictures, but i wanted you to see how pretty these papers are. 

that's my project.  i hope you enjoyed the pictures and try making one of these yourself.  if you would like to try it using these pretty papers feel free to browse through the catalog. 

thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

CRICUT CRUISE 2012 con't...

 i have to show you my 'family'.

aren't these lil guys as sweet as can be?

CRICUT CRUISE 2012 con't...

here are the goodies we got from provocraft.  there are actually two cartridges,  OLE' and ART DECO.  i traded my 'GARDEN SOUP' for art deco.  with this, we also got $25 into our cricut account plus 1000 bonus reward points and the highlite of the cruise, we each got the new 'CRICUT MINI' which some got to take home with them, or  have it shipped.  (what i preferred).  we had enough to trek through customs w/o an extra box.

we ran out of time and didn't get our flip-flops decorated.  i still have to go over the instructions and figure out what i will be doing. 
that's it!

CRICUT CRUISE 2012 con't...

Here are the projects we worked on.  I didn't finish all mine in the time allotted, so i brought some home to add my own personal touches to.  The journal is doctored up quite a bit from the original theme.

this is the only double layout we made.  it was fun working on.

we learned how to cut and iron on heat bonded fabric.  they gave us an apron.  i'll probably never wear this as i'm not an  'apron kind of gal'.  but i liked learning  how to do this.

this next was actually our first night when we really didn't have a lot of time.  it was all precut, all we had to do was glue it down.  it's 6'' x 6'' and will be a cute addition to a page i'll have to later on make.

last but foremost, my favorite project.  we put this photo-tray together on our last full day, and let me tell you, i'm hooked.  i believe 7 gypsies sell these and there might be other suppliers.  if you've never made out a photo tray, try it!  they're soo much fun and whatever theme you choose, you can continue to go back and add, add, add!  i started glueing my shells down, then thought, shoot, these'll probably fall off in transit.  i waited for the rest and it was a good thing, because all but one that i had glued on, came off.  we were supposed to collect sand and seashells from all three islands.  they gave us ziplock baggies with the names of the islands to collect in.  paul and i don't do beaches very well, so we opted to 'buy' the shells in the markets.  personally i didn't mind that at all.  in the end, you have no idea where the sand and shells come from.. in fact, they probably came from china!  lol  but at least i got some pretty 'colored' shells. 

that's it for the  projects.  later, i'll show you some of the goodies we got.

CRICUT CRUISE 2012 con't...

I made a layout before we even cruised.  I knew i only wanted a page, just for the ships picture.  At the time i made it, i had planned on taking my own picture of the boat, then i seen the postcard which had a much nicer picture than i could ever take and decided to buy that.  wouldn't  you know it fit exactly on the mat i had pre-made.  (this girl don't get lucky like that very often).  I really like how this turned out!

CRICUT CRUISE 2012 con't...


i could just cuddle these guys all day!

CRICUT CRUISE 2012 con't...

Here are all of us on our first 'formal night'.  Aren't we all pretty?  The GRAND STAIRCASE is a marvel to look at empty.  Then to put all of us on there, made you feel like a MILLION BUCKS!

stay tuned for more to come....


We are back!  After all the 'anticipation' and 'forever waiting', we finally cruised, met some wonderful people, shared laughter, made memories and got some 'goodies'.  Sooo many things to talk about and tell you. I'll break down what 'I' felt was the memory of a lifetime. 
Let me tell you, if you ever get the chance to sign up for a CRICUT CRUISE, do it!  Although there were a few 'glitches', the provocraft team did their best to make it a wonderful memorable week.  They sacrificed much sleep, 'i'm sure', to keep  things running smoothley. 


and their FAMILIES who helped.

This is our cabin i decorated, (secretly so i could find my way back home).  It's so easy to get lost on any cruise ship but this ship was the biggest we've ever been on!  It's huge! 
Royal Carribbean~Mariner of the Seas is BEAUTIFUL!

(i think paul thought i was nuts).  but later realized, 'hey', it really does help to find your room!

i'll get more pictures up as time allows.  leave a comment...i'll be giving some 'candy' away when i'm finished with our cruise story, so 'stay tuned'.