Thursday, April 12, 2012

CRICUT CRUISE 2012 con't...

Here are the projects we worked on.  I didn't finish all mine in the time allotted, so i brought some home to add my own personal touches to.  The journal is doctored up quite a bit from the original theme.

this is the only double layout we made.  it was fun working on.

we learned how to cut and iron on heat bonded fabric.  they gave us an apron.  i'll probably never wear this as i'm not an  'apron kind of gal'.  but i liked learning  how to do this.

this next was actually our first night when we really didn't have a lot of time.  it was all precut, all we had to do was glue it down.  it's 6'' x 6'' and will be a cute addition to a page i'll have to later on make.

last but foremost, my favorite project.  we put this photo-tray together on our last full day, and let me tell you, i'm hooked.  i believe 7 gypsies sell these and there might be other suppliers.  if you've never made out a photo tray, try it!  they're soo much fun and whatever theme you choose, you can continue to go back and add, add, add!  i started glueing my shells down, then thought, shoot, these'll probably fall off in transit.  i waited for the rest and it was a good thing, because all but one that i had glued on, came off.  we were supposed to collect sand and seashells from all three islands.  they gave us ziplock baggies with the names of the islands to collect in.  paul and i don't do beaches very well, so we opted to 'buy' the shells in the markets.  personally i didn't mind that at all.  in the end, you have no idea where the sand and shells come from.. in fact, they probably came from china!  lol  but at least i got some pretty 'colored' shells. 

that's it for the  projects.  later, i'll show you some of the goodies we got.


Linda Harris said...

Those look like they would be addicting LOL Turned out great Kat!!

Linda Harris said...

I should say I love the rest also. I am saving now for next year. I will be joining you there LOL

Kimbery Pate | KP Kreations said...

WOW - love those projects - that tray is just sweet!