Sunday, March 10, 2013

TEA BAG tutorial

 i cannot take credit for this design.  i bought the svg.file at  if you have this file and open it, you'll find it quite intimidating.  my first time making this took me longer to figure out the file than to actually put it together.  like anything....once you've done it, you have that 'ah ha' moment! 

this is the file. i've color coded into groups to make it easier to understand what goes where.

the orange is the patterned paper. the brown is the base, and as you can see, if you're using a 12" mat, it won't all fit. you'll have to make two cuts.  i've lightened the one pc. because i'm not entirely sure what it does other than give the box a 'little more structure'.  i do use it, but i think you could 'go without this one'.
use a good heavyweight cardstock for your with most boxes.  
the two black squares are for the bottom base and for the top of the cover.  i don't use the top one.  i just don't like the looks so i'll be leaving this out.  but wanted you to know its there to use if you want. you'll have to adjust the instructions if you'll be using this. 

i broke up the group to cut the patterned paper.  obviously i don't want the same patterns for the top and bottom.

they made the file so it would fit a 12" mat.  not everyone has access to a larger mat.  therefore the box itself is made up of 2 parts. you'll want to put your adhesive on the top of the flaps on 2 sides and bottom. in the picture i have it on all 4....that is a mistake...the adhesive needs to go on the bottom of the top flap. you will know what is top and bottom.  the flaps on both box pcs.  will match. (one is a bit bigger)

now lets put it together.  line it up making sure the folds match.  

never mind the little can't see them anyway.  

now while you can lay it flat is when you want to put your patterned paper on.

  i get some cardboard or chipboard and cut 2, the same size as that base, glue them together then adhere this 3 1/2" x 3".  this gives the base of the box stability and strength.  

here is the piece i think you could live without. but i do use it..i adhere it to the inside and base.

put your top together and while still flat, add your patterned papers.

the finished box...i added a 'tea text'...i kinda like that!  

all this tea talk has made me want a cup of tea....i hope this is easy to follow.  let me know if you have any questions.  thanks for visiting.  sure would love to hear from you if you visit.



Randi said...

Thanks Kat for the great tutorial

Melissa said...

Great tutorial! Thanks!

cbee said...

Wow that's great! Thank you for the tutorial!

And thank you so much for your nice words on my blog. Yes, the skeletons are stamps. You can find them here in this shop: ... they have so many great stamps!


Sandy Evans said...

Great tutorial and Iove the paper you used.