Monday, February 6, 2012


i don't have the transfer paper yet and would have preferred the 'lil bugs' to be uhh, cricut green, of course, however, the alternative would'be been orange sparkly vinyl...nah, don't think that would've worked~anyhow, you get the idea of where i'm goin with this.  yup.  i'll put this on our cabin door so we can 'find our way home'.  secretively, (i'm the one who gets lost on them big boats), heck, i get lost on an elevator!  mabye i should carry a 'beeper'...shhh, don't give the farmer any ideas, he'd be putting that dog zapper collar on me.  that's all for now!
stay tuned for more 'stuff' on the cricut cruise.



Amanda said...

LOL. :) Just turn on your friend. LOL. ;) <3 Very cute idea.

Marjie Kemper said...

I just read your cruise post - how fun! (Sorry for your friend, of course, but how cool that your hubby is coming along.) Love your personalized door sign.

Suzys Crafts said...

You are so funny!

KAT said...

this particular sentiment was on a cartridge i didn't own, so i made my own and welded using my gypsy.

byAnnette said...

Very neat idea!!
If I see you wandering around,
I'll know which way to direct you!