Thursday, August 18, 2011


you should have arrived here from pats place:

i have the pleasure of hosting a shower for my daughter in law to be this september.  i'm so excited, i get to make the decorations, and just get involved.  i love it.  more things i'll share later, but mostly i'd like to share with her first before ya'll.  i'm sure you understand.  but this invitation, i had plenty of help from my grandkids.   i just can't seem to keep them little fingers out of my craft room.  especially when i have 'important projects' i'm working on.  anyway.......................................i'm sure nicki won't mind me sharing this 'one little project'.

i have several carts with umbrellas, but i chose this one from 'SWEETHEARTS' because of the delicate little 'thingys', heck i don't know what you call them...but they're very feminine and just plain pretty.  i cut the umbrellas on my gypsy w@3.61 and h@2.76
bridal shower was cut w@3.73 and h@2.05 
i cheated a little, and don't recommend doing, but my emergency was, i only had one sheet of this pretty pink background paper.  it was perfect for this project.  it's all about 'love- script' sweet sentiments.  so...this is the naughty, but shhhhh don't tell anyone.  i cut this from a 12"x12" sheet a piece @ 8 1/2" X 11".  i scanned it and printed off on white cardstock what i needed.  i'm sorry if you made this paper, but i bought it years ago, don't know where i got it from.  and do you really think i'd find it if i went shopping???  not!  so a crafter had to do what a crafter had to do.
thanks for taking the time to visit.  i hope you enjoyed my invitation. 

oh...before i forget, i used a teardrop hand punch for the raindrops.  after all, 'IT IS A SHOWER'.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TRICK OR TREAT? (beware opening this little treat, or is it a trick box?)

i couldn't help myself.  i love making these little guys, especially for halloween.  change the theme, color and you have a cute little christmas, valentine, birthday or mabye even a little 'wedding favor'...hmmm, not gonna say anymore!   follow along and i'll show you just how easy they are!  you'll need a scoring tool for this job.
you can get 2 of these from one sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" good (i like heavyweight) cardstock. cut two, 4" x 8" from one sheet.  score @ the 4" (halfway) mark.  then with a pencil, mark the two ends @ 2" (halfway) mark, and score from point to point. ref. 2" mark to the edge of the center end mark, as shown above.  fold your flaps you created into each other as shown and use a small punch to create the hole for threading the ribbon through.

i created the triangles on my gypsy using george.  i unclicked the little chain link under the size and made the triange h @ 3.75 x w 3.75 and can cut 8  on one sheet of black (again heavyweight) cardstock.
i then used, (sorry, no cricut here) the cuttlebug 'pumpkin spice' die and cut each pumpkin 2 times, once in orange, again in green, then trimmed to match.  after gluing the green on, i embossed with the folder provided with this set.  i can't tell you how many pumkins i've made with this set.  a must have! (in my book!)

fill with ...i mean (tricks) tie your ribbon on and there you have it...
i hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial, or rather, i hope i explained it well enough for you to understand. have fun making these and let me know when ya'll got some made so i can come visit you at your blog.


thanks to erica for the perfect fiber used to tie this lil treat together.

Friday, August 5, 2011


you just came from LEZLY's

even though my youngest of five children, twin boys graduated from high school 5 yrs ago, i (we) still attend sporting events when it's home.  i miss those cold football games with a thermos of hot chocolate, or ......cider with a little surprise.  we don't do much of 'that' anymore, but still love to see the kids out there in their varsity jackets bringing us some fond memories of yesteryear.  i like to make little mementos for the local boys who some still call me mom.  and for those who don't know me, well their moms can buy these from me for their own scrapbooks.  i've made a few of our area schools whom we compete with 'to the death', or so the kids are a few:  cut from SPORTS MANIA @ 5", you can also put a magnet on the back for your fridges!  the letters are punched from an alphabet punch set.  the highschool letters are cut from VARSITY LETTER @ 2".  layering is so easy.

next, i made a layout of my son and his fiance'.  there will be a big 'lighthouse' wedding.....oh, i'll tell ya'll about that later, right now, this is just one of my favorite pics of them.  they both love the outdoors and i wanted to make something with neutral, but outdoorsy and glamerous at the same time.  that proved to be a challenge, but i think using the frames from BLACKLETTER made it much simpler than i'd expected.  cut on my gypsy @w 9.11 h 9.59, i reduced the inside frames smaller to fit around the 5"x7" picure.  doesn't really matter what the size is as long as you can hide the white border from the actual picture.  i chose these colors to tie in the pics and the feel of outdoors.  a few rubons, tim holtz elegant flourishes, martha stewart elegant fence border punch, (hard to see along the edge) but it's there. a couple of branch punches and some primas from ?  note the flower centers.  i even added a little 'fiber' to the diet...some bling, and there you have it.  easy peasy nice and easy!  (my grand-daughters favorite saying)....and ya'll thought i was gonna do the old english letters from this cart?  HA!  i fooled ya didn't i?  i thought it turned out nice.  hope they'll like it!

here's a close-up of the fibers in the flower centers

i hope you enjoyed my pictures along with everyone elses along the way.  i'm happy you stopped by. i would love for you to leave a comment, and if you would, but don't have to, become a follower.  thank you for stopping by:  your next stop is JENNIFER: