Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TRICK OR TREAT? (beware opening this little treat, or is it a trick box?)

i couldn't help myself.  i love making these little guys, especially for halloween.  change the theme, color and you have a cute little christmas, valentine, birthday or mabye even a little 'wedding favor'...hmmm, not gonna say anymore!   follow along and i'll show you just how easy they are!  you'll need a scoring tool for this job.
you can get 2 of these from one sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" good (i like heavyweight) cardstock. cut two, 4" x 8" from one sheet.  score @ the 4" (halfway) mark.  then with a pencil, mark the two ends @ 2" (halfway) mark, and score from point to point. ref. 2" mark to the edge of the center end mark, as shown above.  fold your flaps you created into each other as shown and use a small punch to create the hole for threading the ribbon through.

i created the triangles on my gypsy using george.  i unclicked the little chain link under the size and made the triange h @ 3.75 x w 3.75 and can cut 8  on one sheet of black (again heavyweight) cardstock.
i then used, (sorry, no cricut here) the cuttlebug 'pumpkin spice' die and cut each pumpkin 2 times, once in orange, again in green, then trimmed to match.  after gluing the green on, i embossed with the folder provided with this set.  i can't tell you how many pumkins i've made with this set.  a must have! (in my book!)

fill with treats...er ...i mean (tricks) tie your ribbon on and there you have it...
i hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial, or rather, i hope i explained it well enough for you to understand. have fun making these and let me know when ya'll got some made so i can come visit you at your blog.


thanks to erica for the perfect fiber used to tie this lil treat together.


Anonymous said...

Love this box great tutorial on it.. Great Job! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


the purple muse said...

Oooo! Super love your box:-)

~ Tammy S

EnjoliCollums said...

OMGOODNESS!! I love these!! I so have to learn how to make them!

Suzys Crafts said...

love this.