Monday, November 28, 2011


welcome travelors!  today is a short, simple christmas card using the 'TIS THE SEASON' cart.  wow, this cart is for the christmas lover.  it's packed with everything i love about the season.  hope you'll take a minute to check this cart out.
first off, i want to start out telling you i've been making cards for well over 8 yrs. now.  i started at our church on the 'card ministry'.  (we won't show you the cards i made back then), (head is hanging down in shame) although the church family loved them, i've come a long way in my improvements. 

after diligently put this card together and tying the little bitty thread bows with my painful arthritic hands, inking, and all this stuff we normally do, i put it all together and am a bit satisfied with it, until....
i did the unthinkable! 

ok, i wasn't going to show n tell, but i thought...heck, haven't we all done this?  so i decided to go ahead and show you, all is not in despair.  it 'can' be fixed!  after you get over being mad, you just stick in the trimmer, cut it off, reattach it.  problem solved.  we all make mistakes.  a little secret is i'm only telling you about 'this one mistake'...hehe.  you really don't want to know about some of the others...

so after all is said and done and fixed, this is what is should look like, and i still didn't put it on the card base like i wanted.  it was supposed to stand up with the fold at the top. (sigh)
i'm not making anymore cards today.  i take this as a ...sign!

that's it for today friends.  hope you have a minute to leave a comment and or follow.
have a wonderful tuesday!



Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Yup, been there done that. lol! Loved how you were honest with us. lol! LOVE your card :-)

-Sam :-)

Laura (tweetyb) said...

LOL! Done that too!! My favorite saying is "There are no mistakes in crafting...only room for embellishments"!! :) BTW, Love your card!! :)

Doris P. said...

upside down - right side up - LOVE your card just the same! Doris
parkernana5 at cox. net

Scrappingmamma's Crafty Creations said...

Kat ~ thank-you for wanting to help out with the album. Yes I will be posting photos of the whole album. :-)

Anonymous said...

Who hasn't made a mistake in scrap booking? It's how you fixed it that counts!

Looks great!

Have a wonderful day.

Denise Gifford